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The best way to viral Youtube video is to read it here


The best way to viral Youtube video is to read it here!


Quality of voice

So, I’m going to tell you the first method of how to cure your YouTube video, the first is the friends, the best sound means you make the voice quality of your video good until it’s good, your video No one will see

Quality of video

 And another way is the quality of our video, what is the quality of our video, it is good to watch the video seen in the video of such a hit video, so take a look at our video if there is some noise coming out of our video if some children are created If something is going wrong, then people do not like to watch our videos.

Trading topic

And friend, the third and most important of our video is the way that if you do not do good content in your video, you will not want to watch your video anymore because friends of today see training things as they are today. People love more than the previous videos like you think of a retrograde idea that if a new phone is launched on today, and you have its video If you put it after two or three years, then nobody sees it because nobody will be interested in it because the video has already been released, so I would like to tell you that always have something new

Long description

Friends, the fourth way that comes our way, the friends count very much, so to make any video viral, friends, this is the way that you write the length of your video as long as possible, if you write longer than the length of your video And ranks the video Video This is the friends I have seen myself My own video has done the same and friends, as far as I talk, friends tag in video Let’s not tag that has no benefit little mean 10 or 20 percent out of 100 percent fine

Beautiful Thumbnail

And friends who come to our fifth and final video to make viral, then friends, if you make a beautiful thumbnail, then people will definitely watch your video by clicking on it, then friends, you pay more attention to ours


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