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Introducing the new Single camera AI Portrait mode in MIUI 10


Hi guys, Welcome to my blog on this blog today’s article is related to MIUI 10. I mean to say that many people have got the support of MiUI 10 in the phone of many people but they have not got to see the portrait mode. If we are more upset then today we will tell you in this article what device will be able to see portrait mode.

MIUI 10 Portrait Mode

Mi has updated the MIUI 10 in many of its smart phones and there are many devices which are yet to be given, but their team is working well on it to give this update as soon as possible. Despite getting it, it is not possible to see the portrait mode, because the MI company that came with its MIUI 10 updated, he clearly said that all the phones should It’s a double camera, it’s a double camera everyone will see the portrait mode but friends are so many users who have got the MiUI 10 updates but not got to see the ported mode.

What is Portrait Mode

Those people who do not know what Portrait Mod is, let me tell them that if you click on a photo from a happy phone or DSLR, then the background behind which says that the background becomes blurred, Portrait Mod is mostly called DSLR and Dual cameras were supported only in the phone but friends MY has added features of AI ported mode in its MIUI 10 update, which also takes a portrait shot in a single camera. Spun the.

Example of Pics



Portrait Mode Pic
Friends, I want to tell you this also that the Mi Company has started giving this update gradually to all the users as recently as many users have got an update of MIUI 10 but they can see the option of portrait mode. Not found, friends said the company has said that it will provide advertisements for its weekly update AI Portrait Mode.

What’s Weekly Update

Let me tell you what happens in the Weekly Update. The Weekly Update is that MY sends a small update every single week or two after getting the MIUI 10 updates all over there. This update usually buys the software. If they correct them then friends who have not got to see the Voted Turn, they will be updated in AI updated mode in this Weekly update so that Portrait Yes Mode will be able to use the.

List of portrait Mode Device

Now, I am giving you the list of the devices below which you will be able to see the portrait mode in the real and front camera. You can see if this is your phone or not. Friends, if your phone is not in this list then do not take tension. That soon all those phones will be added, which is not in this list.
Front camera:
Mi MIX 2/Mi 6/Mi 5s Plus/Mi 5s/Mi 5/Mi Note 2/Mi Max 2/Mi Max/Redmi Note 5 (India)/Redmi Note 4 (India)/Redmi Note 4X/Redmi Note 3/Redmi 5/Redmi 4/Redmi 4X

Rear camera:
Mi MIX 2/Mi 5s/Mi 5s Plus/Mi 5/Mi Note 2/Mi Max 2/Mi Max/Redmi Note 4 (India)/Redmi Note 4X/Redmi Note 3/Redmi 5/Redmi 4/Redmi 4X



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